How to choose tube chain conveyor accessories?
The advent of the tube chain conveyor has greatly saved labor costs and production costs, so how to choose the tube chain conveyor accessories so that the tube chain conveyor can truly meet the high-quality and high-efficiency production requirements.

Tube chain conveyor accessories
The tube chain conveyor is composed of driving device, steering wheel, tube chain machine chain, tube chain machine disc, pipe, tube chain machine sprocket, etc. The tube chain machine chain and disc are vulnerable parts, no matter which damage will affect In terms of the conveying effect and efficiency of the equipment, these parts are replaced frequently, which requires the user of the vibrating screen to select the appropriate spare tube chain conveyor accessories:

tube chain conveyor accessories

tube chain conveyor accessories

1. Select the drive device of the pipe chain conveyor - geared motor
The geared motor is the core component of the tube chain machine. The power of the motor is determined by the size of the tube chain conveyor, the characteristics of the material, and the processing capacity. The weight and processing capacity of the conveyor are different, so the size of the geared motor is also different. If the power is too large, resources are wasted, power consumption is large, and equipment costs are increased. On the contrary, if the power is too small, the treatment effect will not be achieved, and the phenomenon of material accumulation and clogging may occur.

2. how to choose the pipe chain conveyor accessories-chain
The chain is an indispensable part of the tube chain conveyor, and it is the part that is in direct contact with the material. Generally, the material of the pipe chain machine chain is divided into: 316L, 316, 304, according to the different materials to be conveyed, different chains should be selected. 316L (316) is used for acid and alkali resistance or for the transportation of food and medicine. 304 can be used for materials without special requirements.

3. select the pipe chain conveyor accessories-steering wheel bearings
The bearing is the support point of the geared motor or the steering wheel. It is one of the most critical components in the tube chain machine equipment. Its main function is to support the mechanical rotating body, reduce the friction coefficient during operation, and the rotation accuracy. Therefore, the following points should be paid attention to when selecting bearings:

1). Check whether there are cracks, impurities, and corrosion inside and outside the bearing;

2). Whether there is noise when rotating, and whether there are muddy oil stains on the surface;

3). Check the clearance of the bearing to see if the size is within the error range;

4. select the pipe chain conveyor accessory conveying device-disc

The discs play a role in conveying materials and clearing blocked materials in the tube chain conveyor. Discs are divided into sizes: 80, 100, 150, 200, 250, 300. Divided by material: Nylon: used for the transportation of general materials; PTFE: more elastic than rubber, good wear resistance, and long service life. Usually suitable for the transportation of chemical, high temperature and other materials.