YAF series vertical air classifier is my company independent research and development of a new type of grading equipment, specifically for the material of ultrafine classification, can also be used with various crushing equipment (vibration mill and roller mill, Raymond mill) form a complete set of ultra-fine powder processing production line, all kinds of powder is prepared. The YAF series vertical airflow classifier is suitable for the classification of superfine powder dry method, especially for the classification of large industrial products.

Working  principle
The classifying device is composed of air classifier ,cyclone,pulse dust collector high pressure fan,control cabinet and so on。Equipped with second air inlet and vertical inpeller rotor ,the materials are fed in visa the bottom roller under the force generated from the high pressure fan and then mixed with first input air to disperse particle and then brought to classifying zone. owing to the high rotary speed of classifying rotor and centripetal force generated fron high pressure fan .When the centrifugal force is stronger than the centripetal force,the coarse particles fall down along inside roller.the second air is induced to sieve the coarse material and separate the fine powder are collected by the cyclone and pulse dust collector.


1.Wide range: YAF series vertical airflow classifier has strong adaptability to different properties, specific gravity, different grain shape and different particle size, and has a wide range of graded particles. D97 can reach 4 ~ 200um.
2.High classification accuracy: complete and stable hierarchical flow field and reliable special seal can be used for high sharpness classification of materials, narrow particle size distribution and strict control of large particles.

3.Classification efficiency: the low grade of vertical single impeller speed, combined with strong vortex field and fine powder purification device, make its installed power is small, large quantity, fine powder extraction rate is high, the classification efficiency can reach 95%.

4.The YAF series vertical airflow classifier is equipped with a strong dispersing device, which can effectively disperse and grade agglomerating materials.

5.Environmental pollution-free: system negative pressure operation, the production process is fully in line with the national environmental protection requirements, can achieve the dustless production.

6The YAF series vertical air classifier can adopt multi-stage series structure, and the product of several particle size can be classified at the same time to obtain the ideal particle size distribution.

 Technical parameter

Model Capacityt/h Sizeum Efficiency% Powerkw
YAF050 0.1~0.5 2~100 70-85 25-30
YAF100 0.5~1.0 41-48
YAF200 10.~3.0 63-73
YAF400 2.0~8.0 97-120
YAF600 5.0~15 140-169
YAF800 10~25 200-250
YAF1000 20~50 250


It is suitable for particle size classification of spherical, flake, needle and other irregular shapes, as well as separation of two materials of different density, and also used to remove impurities in powder. Fine powder is separated from various crushing equipment (airflow mill, ball mill, ramen mill, vibration mill, etc.).

It is widely used in medicine, chemical industry, non-metallic mineral, metal ore, abrasive, ceramics, refractories, pesticide, food, health care products, new materials and other industries.

Air classifier

Air classifier