The vertical airflow sieve is used for the screening classification of 100 to 500 mesh/inch. During the whole process of air flow, all functions such as feeding, crushing, screening, removal of iron, gas-solid separation and packing are completed. Significant advantage is mesh greatly extended service life, no air pollution, its air feeding, saving energy and reducing consumption, large output and stable, avoid the moisture and impurities in the air into the material, there are special requirements for gas insulated material can achieve inside and outside.

  1. High screening efficiency: up to 95%.
  2. The output of the platform is 5-10 times or higher of the vibrating screen.
  3. Suitable for a wide range of fineness: the powder materials of 80-530 can be screened efficiently.
  4. Precise product accuracy, no super mixing phenomenon.
  5. The screen is installed vertically, with no load bearing and long service life.
  6. The screening process is carried out in a negative pressure semi-circulation state without dust pollution.
  7. It can be used with all kinds of grinding machines and wind road.
  8. Low noise, low power consumption, continuous operation and maintenance reduction.
    Working Principle
     airflow screen abandoned the traditional principle of gravitational potential energy of the homework, opened up a carrier fluid kinetic energy of the sieve manage new ways of doing work, it is in the closed state of using high speed air flow for the carrier, spread the full of powder particles with large enough kinetic energy to the screen injection, reach the goal of rapid classification.Technical parameter
Model Air volume (m3/h) Sieve size screening area


Feeder size power(KW) Spindle speed (rpm) Machine diameter (mm) Machine height(mm)
HQS-60 2400 100-500mesh 0.5 40-60 mesh 5.5 1450 600 1250
HQS-100 3600 0.9 7.5 960 1000 1650
HQS-150 4800 2.3 11 720 1500 2300
HQS-180 5500 3.3 15 650 1800 2500
HQS-200 6000 3.9 18.5 650 2000 2500


Air screen appropriate screening material: graphite powder, powder, powder, coating, fly ash, talcum powder, industry, medicine, cosmetics, fire extinguishing agent, plastic powder, clay, abrasive materials, aluminum powder, glass powder, refractory materials, starch, milk powder, powder metallurgy, magnetic materials, copper powder, carbon black, activated carbon, light calcium carbonate, iron ore, etc.

vertical airflow sieve

vertical airflow sieve