WQS airflow sieve is the abbreviation of horizontal airflow sieving machine. It is named as cyclone sieve twice. Because its shape and vertical airflow screen are different in horizontal shape, it is usually calledhorizontal airflow sieve or horizontal airflow screen. Powder machine. The horizontal airflow sieve is specially designed for high-precision vibrating screening equipment for fine powder. It can continuously screen the powdery materials in the range of 60-500 mesh fineness. It is suitable for a wide range of fineness and the screen can be replaced at will. Widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, food, paper, metallurgy, building materials, rubber, machinery and other industries.


The sieve of the horizontal airflow sieve is cylindrical and placed in the airflow screen body. The sieved material is mixed with the airflow through the screw conveyor system, and then liquefied into the mesh cylinder. The material is then passed through the wind turbine blade inside the mesh cylinder. The centrifugal force and the cyclone advance, so that the material can be sprayed through the net, and finally discharged from the fine material discharge port, and the material that cannot pass through the net is discharged from the coarse material discharge port along the wall of the net.

Working  principle

★ 1, the whole machine is small in size, light in weight, stable, no vibration, no noise, good sealing performance, no dust, high efficiency.

★ 2, the shell structure is novel, simple installation, convenient control.

★3, can be used in single or multi-machine, continuous operation for a long time, safe and reliable.

★ 4, the screen is washed by the cyclone, can automatically clear the net.

★ 5, the crushing function of the agglomerated material.

★ 6, new spherical bearings, extending the service life.

★ 7, the machine can be matched with the pneumatic conveying system, directly into the wind path, saving resources.

★ 8, new design; gas protection system can send purified air to both ends of the equipment, can effectively reduce the temperature generated during the operation of the equipment; form a gas barrier layer on the bearing, thus preventing the entry of dust, effectively extending the bearing Service life, reduce maintenance frequency and improve work efficiency.

★ 9, can be specially designed; net cylinder rotation system to meet special needs.

★10, multi-layer screening can be used in single or multiple units.


The company's many years of experience in the accumulation of horizontal airflow screen is most suitable for the screening industry as follows: various starch, xylitol, glucose powder, soy protein, peanut protein, vitamin C, sorbitol, ganoderma powder, malt powder, coffee powder, bread flour , flour, seasonings, food additives, Chinese medicine powder, raw material powder, pharmaceutical intermediates, glass microbead powder, perlite, silicon carbide powder, silicon micropowder, activated carbon, epoxy resin, polyethylene powder, fire extinguishing agent, zircon powder , pigment powder, magnetic material, lithium cobalt oxide powder, pyrophyllite powder, barium sulfate powder, lithium manganate powder, zinc borate powder, fly ash, strontium powder, glaze powder, powder coating, rape pollen, dehydrated vegetables, egg powder, Milk powder, soda powder, essence powder, magnesium oxide, magnesium hydroxide, calcium oxide, calcium nitride, alumina powder, molybdenum disulfide, cellulose, nano-sized titanium dioxide, PVC resin powder, barium sulfate powder, silica gel powder, fluorination Powder materials such as calcium.

WQS airflow sieve

WQS airflow sieve