YSH series Gyratory box sieve ,It is a new type of screening machine developed by our company.,The comprehensive performance of this series of screening machines is in the international advanced level.,praised by the majority of users。The original split structure (frame structure) is more convenient than the box-type structure, the disassembly of the sieve frame and the replacement of screen mesh。The series rotary screen  is widely used in the high standard screening of fine powder.

Working Principle

YSH series Gyratory box sieve consists of two parts: power assembly and screen box , screen box has a certain Angle of tilt, Under the action of the driving force, a circular motion is made according to a certain radius . When working, the material goes into the sieve to do 360 roll movement on the screen, The material enters the next layer through the channel and continues to filter or discharge from the outlet.


  1. well-designed,Movement way scientific and reasonable,High space utilization
  2. Reverse screening can be achieved.,It can make some difficult sievegranules get ideal screening effect.
  3. The sieve box structure can be used in harsh environment for a longtime. The screen frame structure is adopted to remove the convenience and save maintenance time. The screen machine is more durableand stable.
  4. Split structure - maintenance, disassembly, screen replacement is easier.
  5. The five axis support design - the power train carrying capacity is large, the five axis can effectively distribute the load, enhance the operation stability, improve the safety factor of the equipment, and reducethe probability of safety accidents.
  6. Reasonable motion mode - imitate artificial screening action, the material can be dispersed quickly and the motion path is active
  7. Screening efficiency is high - in the case of guaranteed production, the sieve rate can be up to 95%.
  8. Screening capacity is large - 40 mesh screen can be used to handle15~18t/h.
  9. Long service life - because there is no vibration in the screen, the screen net service life is more than twice as long as the vibrating screen, and the screen can be reassembled and used in the same condition.。
  10. Energy saving and environmental protection - screening efficiency is high, unit energy consumption is low. No vibration, no noise. Good sealing, dust not flying, impact on production environment.


It is widely used in many industries, such as inorganic chemical industry, petrochemical industry, metallurgical industry, ceramic industry, mining, feed industry and environmental protection. Especially applicable: ceramics, polyethylene, soda, additives, silica gel, tree powder, rubber, carbon black, quartz sand, mica, glass beads materials.

Technical parameter

Screen layers

 1~4 Sieve grades  2~5

Turning radius



  Rotating distance



Rotary speed


 150~220  mesh


Screen area

(m2/ layer)

 1.4 power(kw)


YSH series Gyratory box sieve

YSH series Gyratory box sieve