Valve Rigid Impeller Feeder is famous as it can feed dry materials such as powder or small particles from the upper bin to the feeding equipment continuously. It is an auxiliary conveyor device, and it is widely used as feeding equipment for a materials system in building materials, chemicals, metallurgy and light industries. Our value-rigid impeller feeder is assembled by a shell, impeller, end cover of the main shaft and so on.


  1. rigid impeller feeding machining precision is high, with a lock can qigong, powder can be used for crushing, grading system calibrated feeder, and can be used as separation and dust collecting system of discharger, or used for compression type, carrying the pneumatic conveying system.
  2. Pressure balancing device can be used in positive pressure and negative pressure conveying system.
  3. The rigid impeller feeder can be made of cast iron, cast steel, stainless steel, titanium steel and other materials, and flanges can be square or round and other structural forms to meet the different needs of users.
  4. Less feeding at both ends of the operation, so the wear loss is small, which has obvious energy saving effect compared with the general star discharger;
  5.  The bearing is not easy to get into powder in the bearing, which is not easy to be used in the bearing, and the old sliding bearing is used as the rolling bearing, which is extremely reliable.

Working Principle

Value Rigid Impeller Feeder is equipped with an YCT speed reducer. And it connects the main shaft with the output shaft rigidly, driving the main shaft and impeller to rotate. The main shaft and impeller rotate simultaneously with the motor’s rotating on the impeller. By the way, the impeller is assembled by adjustable blades with abrasion resistance and the clearance between the impeller and the casing can be adjusted.

Technical parameter

model capacity(m3/h) speed(r/min) Working temperature material power(kW) Motor Weight
YJD02 2 25-40 ≤200℃ powdery and granular 0.55 Y801-4 53
YJD04 4 25-40 0.75  Y802-4 71
YJD06 6 25-40 86
YJD08 8 25-40 101
YJD10 10 25-40 1.1 Y90S-4 121
YJD12 12 25-40 141
YJD14 14 25-40 161
YJD16 16  25-40 1.5 Y90L-4 181
YJD18 型 18 25-40 191
YJD20 20 25-40 221
YJD26 26 25-40 2.2 Y100L1-4 251
YJD30 30 25-40 3 Y100L2-4 301


It is famous in industries such as: building materials industry, metallurgy, chemical, electric power, light and other departments. It is used as unloading device for all kinds of dust removal equipment, dryers, silos and other equipment for its high efficient and reliable work environment.

valve rigid impeller feeder

valve rigid impeller feeder